Day Seventeen


Day Seventeen: post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.

Born October 22, I fall under the sign of Libra. For the most part, I think most of the Libra characteristics define me with the exception of a few.

Some of the positive traits of a Libra are that they tend to be tactful, romantic, charming, diplomatic, and balanced. Most Libras are driven by their feelings of love. They are easy to talk to and are really good at talking. This also brings up the point that Libras are willing to listen to differing points of view. Most of the time, Libras will choose the middle path in order to please everyone. We are most definitely striving to please people. This can be good and bad at the same time. Libras find it hard to say no which can lead to feeling overwhelmed at times. Learning to say no has been one of my biggest personal struggles.Life sometimes feels like a juggling act and I’m learning how to find a healthy balance. But the good in this trait is that I do love to help people.

For every positive characteristic of a Libra, there is a negative trait to go with it. Libras are sometimes extremely superficial. I find myself focusing on outer beauty and this is why I often times have an unhealthy opinion of my own body. A lot of times, Libras are detached, unreliable, and extremely indecisive. YES, YES, and YES. I hate to admit those things about myself, but they are true. I am the world’s worst at backing out last minute. If you and I make plans, there is a huge chance I will back out. It’s not because I don’t want to hang out with people. I just really like to be home in my pajamas. And please, don’t ever ask me to make a quick decision. This drives my husband crazy. We were at a store this weekend and I couldn’t ever make up my mind about buying a hat that I liked. I actually went to the store three times and never bought the hat because I just couldn’t decide if I loved it enough to buy it. That’s a small decision. If it’s a decision that could be potentially life changing, I will probably die before the decision is ever made. I hate making decisions.Libras are very laid back, though. My theory is that most Libras are emotionally lazy – or laid back – so that they can avoid stress. We are often comforted by material things. This is why I always have Amazon boxes waiting for me on the porch when I get home from work.

When I read this, I think to myself – gosh, Libras kind of suck. HAHA. Self-indulgent people who are driven by materialistic wants. Indecisive, superficial, and unreliable members of society. WOW. But we love with a deep, deep love. We are passionate. We love to make people happy. It’s a fine line.

To all the Libras out there – here’s to another day of not wanting to make decisions, not being able to say no, and to overthinking everything. 🙂 XOXO


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