Monthly Archives: April 2014

Thank You, Kindly.


Today I read a blog written by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and as I read her blog, I felt inspired to write one similar. In her blog, she wrote about her “everyday thankfuls,” or simply put, those things that bring her happiness on a daily basis and for which she is thankful. I’ve decided to do the same. The following are a few of my everyday thankfuls.


Mini pigs. But let’s be real. ANY mini animal brings me more happiness than I could even begin to describe. I want a mini pig named Chris P. Bacon so bad.


My boy, Tripp. He’s my faithful friend and has listened to all my secrets, cuddled close when I needed to cry, and loves me no matter what.


And my fiancé, who loves my four-legged boys as much as I do. He even signed adoption papers and is officially their daddy. 🙂


Fresh fruit and veggies! And my handsome little helper!!


Throwing parties with my best friend! It does my heart and soul good!!!


And speaking of, did I mention how thankful I am for this lady? She’s the best friend a girl could ask for. Never any judging and nothing but love.


If you’ve ever seen a sweeter smile than this, I’d argue that you’re sadly mistaken. I love being an aunt.


This boy and his stinky breath and floppy ears makes me smile on a daily basis.


My two most favorite boys. Nothing melts my heart like when I see these two together.


And lastly, for today, my man. My gift from God. My dream come true. Plus, he takes me fishing all the time. He’s pretty darn perfect in my book.