Snap Out Of It.


For lunch today, I packed an 80 calorie orange creme pie yogurt, and HOLY CRAP, it is delish. Its taste takes me to summer which is exactly where I want to be. If I close my eyes as I take a bite, I can feel the tug of a giant bass on the end of my line, I can smell the honeysuckle growing in my backyard, and I can see green life all around me. Oh how I long for the days of summer.

While I’m daydreaming, my mind wanders off to a place that I’ve only ever been in my thoughts. I love it here. I love the smell of pies and cakes and home cooked meals that come from my kitchen. I love the cattle that I see when I stop and glance out the kitchen window. I love the sound of dogs barking in the yard as the run freely, without the fear of cars whizzing by. I’m in the country, and the smell of fresh cut flowers sitting on my kitchen table make me smile. I love the way the curtains blow in the breeze and when I see my babies headed to the barn to saddle their horses with Daddy, my heart skips a beat, so full of love for these humans that God has entrusted to my husband and me. I walk outside, my garden is in full bloom. I can’t help but stop and stare at the giant sunflowers that line the perimeter of my garden. My hands carry a basket full of cucumbers and tomatoes and squash and on the way  back to the house, I can’t help but stop to bend down and clip a few more fresh cut flowers for my baby girl. She loves their smell just like her momma. She is beautiful, inside and out, and her brother is ornery like his dad, full of life and jokes. My heart is so full of love for my babies. In this dream, I can feel their hugs and I can smell their skin and their hair and I can hear their voices telling me all about their day. I can feel my hand wiping away the tears they cry when they fall and scratch a knee or when we’ve lost a pet that was more like family. I can hear my babies squeal with excitement as they wait patiently in front of the oven for their first ever homemade  batch of cookies to be done. In this dream, I sit on the front porch, the smell of cows and fresh cut grass linger in my nostrils and I smile because God has been so good to me. I hold the hand of my dream come true as we watch our babies growing before our very eyes, two kids wrestling in the yard with a floppy-eared basset hound, arguing over who he loves the most, both covered in sloppy basset hound kisses. And we laugh because we know that one day they’ll be more than just siblings, they’ll be best friends.

Then the bell rings and I know that my daydreaming must come to an end, for in just a few short moments, I will have a little over 20 sets of eyeballs staring at me, waiting for instructions on how to multiply and divide fractions. But if I’m honest, this dream of mine never really ends. Every time my eyes close, even if just to blink, my dream plays in mind like a movie I’ve watched over and over and over.

Dang, that orange cream pie yogurt can really make a girl think………….


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