I Love You Because……..


…anytime we grill out, you always make extra for my dog.

…you turn the car around and stop so I can get out and try to rescue baby raccoons…even when you don’t want to!

…when my car is in a tight spot, you back it out for me.

…you love corn on the cob just as much as I do and sometimes you even have competitions with me to see who can eat theirs the fastest.

…you play Wahoo and Train with me, and even when it gets a little heated because I’m pretty sure you cheat (!!!), we still laugh so hard and have a really good time.

…you buy me the JUMBO sunflower seeds.

…you bait my hook when we’re using real worms because you know I hate to touch them.

…every time my line gets caught up in the weeds, you put your pole down and you come untangle me. And you never complain.

…you’re so patient with me.

…you fill my love tank 🙂

I love you, sweetie, more today than yesterday and none of my words would ever come close to telling you just how happy you make me. Here’s to 100 and 100 more after that. Thanks for being mine.


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