I Love You Because….


…you hold my hand when we are in the car.

…you sing to me when we’re driving.

…you sing REALLY loud and fancy when our song comes on.

…you take me fishing.

…you are so patient with me.

…you take the perch off the hook so I don’t have to grab the gills.

…you put up with my sunflower seed addiction, even when I eat so many that my mouth hurts and I can’t kiss you.

…you pay attention to me.

…you roll with the punches.

…you laugh at me when I ask you if the fish on “Cartoon Me” is real.

…you love my family and especially little Isaac.

…you were my knight in shining armor when I almost went to jail for having a headlight out. Oh, and for forgetting my driver’s license. 🙂

…you laugh when I get worked up over little things and you remind me that life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

…you love me and you do more than just tell me–you show me every single day. Whether it’s the way I catch you staring at me from across the room or getting in the car at 9:00 PM to drive me 30 minutes to the hospital because I want to see my dad one more time before his surgery….

…you make me smile every day.

…you’re my June 1st dream come true.

I love you, honey. Here’s to 52 more (years!).


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