National Sibling Day


If we’re being honest, I didn’t know National Sibling Day existed. But if anyone has siblings that deserve an entire day devoted to recognizing their greatness, it’s me. I have the best brothers on the face of this planet. Don’t try to argue with me. Both my brothers are younger than I am and I’ve always felt like somewhat of a mother hen to them. Jeffery and I are 14 months apart and Nathan, the baby, is just about five years younger. I love them both more than I could ever put into words. And I’m close to them both in different ways. They are my  best friends. They are the two of the three men in my life that I could call at any moment for any thing. They learned from my dad how to treat a lady and how to love. They are both dads (that’s really weird to write) and watching them evolve from annoying, bratty brothers into husbands and fathers has been such an incredible transformation to watch.

Jeffery. Where do I even begin? He’s the comedian. We have the same sense of humor. He surprises me quite frequently in the middle of the day with text messages of jokes or funny pictures or songs we want each other to listen to. And when we’re together, we’re laughing. No question. He’s stubborn. He’s set in his ways. He’s a family man. He’s strong and passionate and devoted. He was the first person I called when I decided to leave my ex and come back home. In between sobs, I told him I just wanted to come home and he said, “Come home, Rachel. We miss you.” He was sitting in a tree stand in Missouri and there I sat, on a cold hotel floor in Iowa. And I’ve cherished every moment I’ve had with him since I’ve been home. I love him more than life.

Oh Nathan. My baby brother. He and I are so much alike. We are the social butterflies of the family. We can, and often do, strike up a conversation with anyone. No one is ever a stranger for long. We are both talkers. We both use our hands when we talk and we get that from our momma. We wear our heart on our sleeve. Nathan got married last year and it was really hard for me to watch him go from my blonde headed, toothless baby brother to a grown man becoming a husband. All I could think of as he said his vows was the letter I still have that he wrote to me when he was about five. It said, “Rachle I love you soooo much I would get bet (beat) up.” And then there’s the one he wrote that said, “Rachle you are so cool. P.S. just choking.” I love him. Nothing could change that. He’s sensitive and compassionate. He isn’t afraid to love and to show it. He is going to be such a good daddy to his new little baby. I love him with my whole heart.

I am so lucky to have been raised in a home with a family that taught love and wasn’t afraid to tell each other just how much we loved each other. I can’t imagine life without them. I love that on any given evening, I can call Jeffery and tell him I’m headed over for supper. I can’t imagine not living a couple miles from both my brothers. And I can’t wait to have babies of my own that will be best friends with their cousins. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

Jeffery and Nathan, I love you more than you know. Happy Sibling Day.


the most amazing sister on the planet.




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