Let’s Get This Straight


Can I just throw something out there? If you are the parent of a small child, you have an incredibly huge responsibility to train that child up in such a way that they will grow into a kind, courteous, respectable, adult. If you’ve got a son, y’all better be teaching him to hold the door for a lady and to never, ever, under any circumstance, make her feel like she is less than human because she’s a woman. They see a lady coming, they better tip their hat and say, “Hello, ma’am.” There’s a lady in the room, their mouth better be clean and no swearing in front of a lady either. And by the way, it’s not “yeah” and “nope.” It’s “yes ma’am/sir” or “no ma’am/sir.” And ladies, for the record, you want to be treated like a lady? Then act like one. That means all you mommas out there that have baby girls, teach them what it means to be a lady. Show them what it means to respect themselves enough to never let a man walk all over them. Show them how to be classy and to dress like a lady instead of throwing themselves at a man with what society tells them is pretty. Cause walking around with yourself exposed ain’t cute, girls. And it’s only gonna attract the boys (notice I didn’t say MEN) who want one thing. And that ain’t ya cookin’, ya lovin’, or even your first name. They want one thing, and one thing only. Don’t give it away so easily. I get so tired of hearing about girls who fall for the same kind of man over and over and over again. Oh, and before I get too far, let me tell y’all: I’m preaching to the choir cause I’ve been one of those girls, and not too long ago, either.

So mommas and daddies, love on your kids. Dads, take your little girls on dates. Shower her with praise and tell her she’s pretty. YOU step up and be the MAN in her life that she knows she can run to so she’s not running to little boys who don’t care about her heart and her mind and the way she feels deep down inside. Mothers, you do the same with your boys . Love on them and let them know it’s okay to show their emotions and that instead of putting up a wall when they’re hurt, you are the one they can come running to. And never make them feel like less of a man when they do choose to cry in front of you. You hold them even tighter and don’t let go until they’re ready. And dads, you better set the example of how to treat a lady in the way you treat their momma! Kids will do as they see, not always as they’re told. Set the bar high!

I’m not a parent, not even close. But I’m so tired of running into men (and I use the word men loosely here) that were never taught the importance of treating a woman with respect. And it’s just as frustrating to sit back and watch women throw themselves at men because they’re insecure and lacking something in life that creates a longing for that attention and affection. Ladies, ya ain’t gonna find it in those kinda men. Not happening. So parents, again, this is a desperate plea, train ya babies up. We don’t need another generation of what we have now. The cycle has to be broken!


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