Collard Greens


The South: a place that will get in your blood and stay forever!

Today was a first for me. I’ve been wanting to try collard greens for some time now but seeing as I’m a Midwesterner, collard greens are not a way of life here. We have spinach salads with raspberry vinaigrette topped with gorgonzola cheese crumbles. We ain’t got no collard greens. And there’s this part of me that is sad when I think of the 26 years of my life that have slipped by without ever having eaten some good ol greens smothered in butter and cooked in a ham hock. But today was a first. Today I put a serious hurtin’ on some collard greens. I tore those bad boys up. Mom and I were invited to the all black church in the next town over so we went and let me tell y’all, I haven’t had fun like that in my whole life. Big Mama behind me got to dancing and waving her tambourine around, she must’ve been lost in the spirit cause she got that tambourine caught all up in my hair. I thought she was gonna drag me right up out the pew when she took off on a Jericho run. And they were lucky I’m congested today cause otherwise, I would’ve hopped right in that alto section of the choir!! Anyway, after church was over, they served lunch and I’ll tell y’all something, Miss Patricia made the best fried chicken, greens, and sweet potato pie I ever had. I thought I’d died and woke up at the Pearly Gates. I couldn’t believe that I had waited 26 years to try greens. The lady next to me kept telling me to get mo chicken, get mo greens and if I could’ve snuck the whole dadgum bowl of greens out the kitchen, y’all know I would’ve.

My first experience with greens did one thing and one thing only: it fueled the fire within me of longing for a southern way of life. I was made for the south. I need to be in the south. That or I need to bring the south to me…..meaning I need to open a southern style diner ASAP. I know I’ve spent a lot of years and money on getting my teaching degree, but if I had the opportunity to open a diner, I’d never look back. If only, if only…….


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