Don’t Hate Us Cause You Ain’t Us


John and I have been friends ever since we met at church camp when we were 12 years old. We were both in the choir and we had a bonding experience when the girl behind us was trying to sing alto but clearly had no idea what she was doing. John and I both have an ear for music so the fact that she was bellowing what she thought was her alto part so loudly in our ears made us laugh and ya’ll know when John and I start laughing, it usually takes an act of God himself to get us to stop. That is something we are really, really good at. It isn’t uncommon at all for me to find myself laughing so hard that there is no sound coming out of my mouth at all when I’m with John. And the great thing is, we share the same sense of humor so things that NO ONE else thinks is funny, well, John and I find hilarious. And then we go into the uncontrollable laughter and it’s always a great time. Today we both took the day off and decided to take a little mini day trip. We really had no idea where we were going to go or what we’d end up doing20130308-221414.jpg but that’s typically when we have the most fun. We had somewhat of an idea on where were headed so we hopped in my car at 9:00 a.m. and headed south.

Well, we hit the road after we looked up and realized that John had been so excited when he pulled into my driveway that he forgot to put his car in park and there it went, just rolling down the hill headed straight for my neighbor’s back door. He took off sprinting across my yard and I promise you guys, I was laughing so hard my abs were hurting. There is never a dull moment with the two of us. So, after we were finally able to get our trip started, we decided we’d go to my grandparent’s farm. We took the back way and stopped at a little store called The Jane Store.
As we parked and got out of the car, I noticed two little old men sitting on the front porch of the store, coffee in hand and as I walked through the screen door and felt the old wooden floor creaking beneath my feet, I instantly felt like I was in Mayberry and that I’d see Opie and Andy walking down the gravel road in front of me, fishing poles in hand.


We bought some home made jam and talked to Joyce, the sweet lady who owns the store, and thanked her for keeping the store in it’s original fashion. It was just adorable. As we continued driving to the farm, we of course were having a major car concert when we noticed some sort of building tucked into a boulder off the road a ways. We slowed down, thinking it may be a flea market or another store we’d want to see, but realized it was an old tavern. John and I share brainwaves most of the time, so it came as no surprise when we both looked down at the clock in the car, noticing it read 10:21 and without missing a beat, we both said, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” And then we laughed so hard I thought John was going to send our car flying off the slopes. We finally arrived at the farm and by this point, we were in rare form, hyper as could be from laughing so hard. My gramma was happy to see us and of course took us out to feed the horse and see what new tricks my papa had been teaching him. We went inside and Gramma started telling us that someone had broken into the shop and stolen some of Papa’s stuff. If ya’ll don’t know my gramma, well, let me just tell you: she stands about 4’11” and has a thick southern drawl and she’s a feisty little thing. So as she was telling us about the break in she said, “I’m just suh sick uh dealin’ with them thugs.” And I almost fell to the floor from laughing. I didn’t even know my gramma knew the word thug. Oh my. It was great times

. We left the farm and went into town (which is population 275) and hit up a few flea markets where John became the chief of Washburn. We of course made friends with the owner of the flea market and listened to stories of when my momma was growing up there. Next we made our way into Cassville where we found even more flea markets and amazing treasures and then decided we’d better make a quick stop in at Roaring River State Park. We did a little jig in the parking lot and then laughed uncontrollably at the thought of what people around us think of our unbridled sense of humor .20130308-221525.jpg

We left Cassville and stopped in at Newtonia at the Mennonite store and had the ladies there make us the BEST turkey sandwich I have ever eaten. We bought homemade pickles (and of course more candy) and then drove to a small farm of draft horses. We parked there and ate lunch while the horses munched away on hay and laughed at the thought of having lunch with the horses. By this time it was 2:30 and I needed to be back in town to have my TB test (for student teaching) read so pulled into the Health Department and started laughing hysterically thinking about what would run through peoples’ minds if we “checked ourselves in”on Facebook at the Health Department together. Like I said, it’s never a dull moment with this guy. We got the results and were happy to find that I didn’t have tuberculosis so we decided we’d celebrate with ice cream. The local drug store on the square serves the best home made ice cream so naturally, we knew this is where we’d be getting ice cream. After putting ourselves into a sugar coma, we decided it was probably time for a break so we curled up on my couch and started catching up on American Idol. About this time, we heard a knock on my door. There stood my dad with a baby squirrel in his arms. He (the squirrel, not my dad. haha) had fallen out of his nest and my dad had almost run over him with the mower. John and I knew we had only one option and that was to take little Chuck (as we named him) under our wings and our parental instincts instantly kicked in. Well, until the conservation lady told us we could go to jail and be fined for harboring a wild animal. So, we pawned ol Chuck off on a man at Walmart who promised me that he’d have a better life. Listen people, I loved Chuck but I wasn’t about to be thrown in the slammer over a dadgum squirrel. It was fun while it lasted, but Monica warned us to prepare for the worst. So, John and I were ready when we had to give up the little guy.

20130308-221626.jpgWhat a day. It was by far one of the funnest days I’ve had in so long. John and I have more inside jokes than I can even begin to count. We like to call them our “Remember Whens.” A lot of people don’t get our sense of humor but we do and that’s all that matters. I love every moment that we’re laughing so hard we can’t breathe and then when we finally do come up for air, all we have to do is look at each other and it starts all over. He’s one in a billion and I’m so happy he’s my friend.

Hey John, remember when my grandparents were looking for a worship leader and you applied?

I love you, friend!! YOLO.


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