Wachel’th Hand


There isn’t another human being on this planet that I love more than my nephew, Isaac Ray. He can be a little stinker at times, but that’s normal with any two and half year old kid! I love his little lisp and how excited he gets when I tell him I’ll play tractors with him on his floor mat. I love that when he eats, his lips purse together like a little turtle. I love how he dances when he hears music and that when he wears his daddy’s headphones to listen to Veggie Tales, he sings like no one else can hear him. I love that little guy more than life.

Tonight, we celebrated my sis-in-law’s birthday at a local Chinese restaurant and in front of the building, there are two huge statues of lions. Isaac always gets excited when we pull in to this particular restaurant because he gets to eat at “Lion King.” There’s a fountain right inside the lobby so before we went in tonight, I gathered all the change out of the bottom of my purse and if I could have captured the excitement in his eyes and put that in a photo for you all to see, I would’ve done it. The whole way there, he kept saying, “Money in the water! Money in the water!”

On the way home after dinner, I sat in the back seat with him and we were dancing to the music when he suddenly stopped and said, “Wachel’th hand!” (that translates to Rachel’s hand) He took my hand in his and held it tightly until we pulled in to the drive way. I love and cherish those sweet moments. As a two year old child, we’ve never explained to Isaac that holding hands is a sign of affection, but he knows. And in moments like that, I know how much he loves his aunt Rachel and I hope he always knows how much I adore him.

My brother has Isaac convinced that he can open the garage door. As we pulled in to the driveway tonight, my brother told Isaac to open the garage door and he put his little hands out and yelled, “Open!!!” and at the same time, my brother hit the button on the garage door opener. It’s just the cutest thing ever. I love the faith that children have. I just love that little dude. There’s not a thing in this world I love more than being an aunt. It’s an honor to be able to love him and watch him grow and develop his personality and see the things that he loves, like John Deere tractors and farm animals. Tonight I asked if he was excited to move into his new house that had a barn and he got a huge grin on his face and said, “Farm, Rachel!!!”

He’s my favorite. I couldn’t imagine life without him in it.

Goodnight~Aunt Wachel


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