A couple nights ago the power in my house went out for about five seconds. Well ever since then, the furnace hasn’t turned back on, therefore, I’ve been sleeping in the frozen tundra for the past two nights. This morning, even my shampoo was frozen. It’s as though Mother Nature heard me say that I hate winter and is getting back at me. So Mother Nature if you’re reading this, I was just kidding. But not really.
My hair looks like a chia pet today. It’s awesome.
My skin is flakey and peeling from my face. That is also awesome.
I still haven’t warmed up after sleeping in snowy conditions and there’s no amount of coffee that could warm me up. And to top it off, my coffee cup had a leak in it this morning.
Oh and I’m bloated.
Sorry I just said I’m bloated.
Thank God it’s Friday.


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