Oh Hey There


If you were sitting inside my brain right now, snacking on some popcorn, scrolling through my thoughts like you would do on Facebook, this is what you’d discover:

I feel like I have a really small head but a rather large body. I just kind of came to that conclusion today.

I wish my nephew would stop growing.

I also wish my waistline would stop growing.

I could put a serious hurtin’ on some Chinese food right now.

If you are over the age of three, you should not be a loofah for Halloween. Actually, no one should ever be a loofah for Halloween. Just sayin’.

Paige and I took “before” pictures in the gym last night. I’d like to make a public apology to anyone who may have seen me without a shirt on. Just give me a couple months and it won’t be as scary.

Speaking of. Time to go pump that iron.



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