Skinny Jeans and Wranglers


Christin is my best friend for a reason. She knows me. She gets me. And, most importantly, she still loves me on the days when I’m an emotional wreck and completely and totally irrational. I’m not kidding when I say that a lot of times, she is my logic. I’ll call her with some off the wall, PMS ensued idea and she typically talks me down from the ledge and reminds me that the moment I hit SEND on that text message, I can never get it back. And then all is well in my world again. Christin and I talk every day. We are both lovers of quotes so it’s not uncommon for either of us to send a quote or article that we find throughout the day and without fail, whatever she sends me is usually spot on with something I’m walking through in that time of my life. This morning she sent a line that Kelly Clarkson had been quoted saying in reference to her dating life and the man she is now married to. “I was dating skinny jeans and I needed Wranglers.” Oh how I love this quote. How many times have I been guilty in my own life of chasing the wrong things? How many times have I thought that I knew what I needed, only to be slapped in the face by a harsh thing called reality? I read something in my devotions a few weeks ago that said, “Don’t forget to ask God what HE wants for your life.” Guilty as charged. I actually wrote it down on my mirror so I would be reminded of that very thing on a daily basis.

Anyone who has spent more than 37.986629 seconds with me knows that I love cowboys. As the old saying goes, cowboy butts drive me nuts. I love the look. I love the way a real cowboy tips his hat and holds the door for you as he smiles that crooked grin and says, “Howdy, ma’am.” It sends shivers down my spine when I think about it. Now, before everyone strokes out on me when they read what I’m about to say, let me do some clarifying. I know God puts desires in our heart for a reason and I am a firm believer in never settling for less than the best. That being said, what if I’ve had it all wrong this whole time? What if I keep pushing the right ones away just because they aren’t donning Wranglers and a hat? I love the idea of living on a huge farm but let’s be real, I don’t have the slightest idea of how much responsibility a farm would require. I mean, the most I’ve ever been responsible for was five or six horses and some chickens on 22 acres. And that was without having a family and a real job that required my attention as well. I don’t want to sound like I’m all of a sudden having a change of heart or that I’m a fickle person who can’t make up her mind, but can we just be real with each other for a second?? So far, cowboys haven’t worked for me. I’m not saying that the Valentine’s Day Teacher was the one for me. But what if I’m supposed to be with someone other than a cowboy? Quite frankly, I shouldn’t even be thinking about this but ya know, it’s February and love is in the air so cut me some slack.

It’s been a month and a half since I committed to no dating and I will admit, while there have been some lonely nights, I’ve stayed pretty busy with Christin and John and school and work and life. And most importantly, I’ve discovered a lot about myself and what I value and my priorities have started evolving into a list that, for once, makes sense. Well, it makes sense to me anyway. And as my priorities have started evolving, I’ve began wondering if a Wrangler wearing cowboy is really what would make me happy. Because I know that the man who wore khaki shorts and a cutoff OSU shirt to mow his yard made me happier than I’d ever been.

Life is a funny, funny thing. Goodnight, friends. ~Rach


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