Flea Market Friends


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. Jim Morrison

Saturdays are really just about the only day that I ever get to sleep in. I look forward to those mornings because it means that if I want to, I could sleep until noon and not a soul would care. So, without mentioning names, I was kinda perturbed when my phone kept blowing up at 6:30 a.m. due to five million texts from a certain friend. Thanks, John. Oh yeah, I wasn’t gonna mention names. 🙂 John was so annoying yesterday morning with all his texts that my only option was to just get my butt outta bed. So we grabbed coffee, swung by Christin’s house and kidnapped her, and then hit the road. I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad I agreed to go because yesterday was, by far, one of the funnest days I’ve had in a really long time. We had no destination in mind but we had one agenda: we were gonna stop at every flea market we found along the way, and that’s exactly what we did. We headed west in to Miami, Oklahoma where we found an amazing collection of Frankoma pottery and the sweetest 80 year old man who had been married to his sweetheart nearly his entire life. When we left Miami, we decided to stop in Wyandotte at a cute little “junktique” shop called Tattered Flair and it was adorable! I’m so jealous of people and their creative minds. If it weren’t for Pinterest, I’d never have any good ideas!! I’m boring. I’m just a plain ‘ol Jane. Whaaaaah. So anyway. We left Wyandotte and made our way to the cutest little “petting zoo,” which is actually just Christin’s boyfriend’s brother’s house (confused yet?). Okay, I have to pause just to say that this is one of the coolest, most nifty little places around these parts. The dude has a freakin camel that won Best Hump Award! He has capybaras. He has every kind of pheasant you could think of. He has Jacob’s sheep. He has goats and brand new little goat kids that he let us name. He has alpaca. He has antelope. He has it all. Seriously, I was in heaven. I felt like a little kid, I was so excited. I never wanted to leave. As we were headed back to the car, I looked at the owner and asked if he had a security system and very inconspicuously told him that I hoped none of his goat kids went missing. Gosh, that would be awful. We left the petting zoo and headed in to Grove, Oklahoma. We had lunch on the lake at a place called The Parrot. It was pretty delish. We found a couple antique stores and an art gallery and I met an old lady with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. By this point, we were tired. So we decided we better head back to the ranch and get started on baking and cooking for the Super Bowl party that Christin and I are throwing tonight. We made Oreo truffles, football shaped Rice Krispies, chocolate cupcakes that have green icing that looks like turf. And then all that baking made us realize we were hungry. So we hopped in the truck and went to Arkansas to have dinner. John and I put on our own karaoke concert for the waitress and I think Christin’s boyfriend wanted to crawl under the table. But we didn’t care. We were having fun.

Days like yesterday make me remember just how lucky I am. We made so many memories, a lot of things that I left out because they are inside jokes that no one except the three of us would get. Like John motioning for the car to go at the four way stop, only to realize that there was no one in the car and then laughing so hard we were crying. One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson says, It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” Christin and John are two of my oldest friends. They’ve stood the tests of time and have chosen to remain close to me through some of the craziest times of life. Even the Barry Block as John so lovingly coined it. I love my friends. They’re dear to my heart. And they love flea markets just as much I do so I think I’ll keep ’em around for a little bit longer.

Have a wonderful Sunday, ya’ll!! I’ve got a lot of baking and cooking left to do for the party tonight! Go Ravens!! Actually, I don’t care. I’m not even 100% sure the Ravens are in the Super Bowl. Football games are just a great excuse for me to get busy in the kitchen!             Love ya! ~Rach


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