Thank You, Silver Car!


Well. Where do I even begin? This morning was one of those mornings that started out with good intentions but coffee deprivation kicked in and so did Murphy’s Law. The shoes I wanted to wear were nowhere to be found. The pants I had every intention of slipping in to were so tight that I thought I was going to have to use a bungee cord to even get them to stay up. We’re going to blame that on the fact that they accidentally got thrown in the dryer. Because eating an entire batch of no bake cookies last weekend played no part in that. Needless to say, there was no slipping in to those jeans. It looked more like a contortionist doing some extreme acrobatics. Except not that graceful. Anyway. Murphy’s Law. There was no milk for my cereal. My dog wouldn’t come back inside. I couldn’t find my keys. I didn’t have time to make coffee. You get my point. So, when I topped the hill on highway 71 this morning, cruising along at a steady speed of 85 miles per hour (15 over), I was not the least bit surprised to see a State Trooper perched, waiting patiently for someone like me to come flying over the hill. Immediately, his tires began to move and his lights flipped on and I muttered the words, “Oh _____.” Hey, I’m a work in progress so don’t judge me. Well, I’m not really sure how or why I thought to do this, but what happened next completely turned my whole morning upside down. As the trooper was doing a U-turn, I just kind of eased my way in to the right line, blending in with the long stream of cars that had chosen to abide by the laws of the land and go the speed limit. I didn’t think it would really work, but as each car behind me began to pull over on the shoulder, I did the same, and the trooper just flew right on by. I thought surely he would slow down and wait for me to get around him again but as I pulled back on to the highway, I noticed there was another little silver car about six or seven vehicles in front of me. I thought to myself, “There’s no way this is happening. He has mistaken that poor innocent car for mine.” You see, I too drive a little silver car. But just as sure as the sun was shining, he pulled in behind that little silver car as I drove (the speed limit, mind you) right past them both. I will admit I felt kind of bad. I mean, I WAS the one that had been speeding but what was I to do?  It was out of my hands, people. So, I’d like to make a public apology to the driver of that little silver car and also thank you for taking one for the team this morning. I owe ya. I’ll pay it forward, I swear.

So, what could have been a potentially crappy kind of day turned in to a not so bad one after all. All the things that had gone wrong prior to that near encounter with the trooper suddenly faded from my mind. Instead of looking at the cup as half empty, my glass instantly began to runneth over. It’s all about perspective, my friends.

I’m off work in an hour. I’m going to the trail to run. Don’t try to talk me out of it. And I’m gonna think of several random acts of kindness I can partake in this weekend to make up for ruining the day of the driver of that little silver car. Have a super-duper weekend, ya’ll!! ~Rach


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