Less Talking. More Listening.


You know, the really cool thing about God is that we can talk to Him not matter where we’re at, who we’re with, or what we’re doing. The fact that He is omnipresent and omniscient means that we can be anywhere and He’s there with us and, on top of that, He knows our thoughts. He sees our heart. He hears our silent prayers that we speak inside our mind. He’s kind of the bomb dot com. He’s a pretty big deal. And I’m glad I know Him.

Sometimes, I forget, though, that God already knows my heart. Like, I’ll be praying and telling God that I want this or that, or that I would really appreciate it if things worked out a certain way. And sometimes I just kind of chalk it up to, “Well, I told Him what I want so now all I need to do is sit back and wait for it to happen.” Uh hum. It doesn’t work like that. I have to remember that I can’t just tell God what I want without first asking Him what He wants for my life. Because let’s face it. He’s smarter than I am. I’m pretty sure He created an entire universe and all the life within it in like seven days or something. I can barely fold a basket of laundry in a week. True story. I loathe folding laundry. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point is, He knows what He’s doing. I don’t So yeah, I have to constantly remind myself that instead of telling God what I think is best for my life, I need to just take a chill pill and relax in His presence. I need to learn to listen. And I need to learn to not grumble about the place that I’m in. I need to learn patience. I need to take captive every thought that comes in to my mind and  make sure that they are pleasing to Him. I need to be more forgiving. I need to really work on seeking His will and not telling Him how I think it should be.

So, this week, that’s my self challenge….to appreciate the place I am in, to be thankful for where I’m at now, and to stop telling God how I think it should be and to be a better listener.

Have a wonderful week, ya’ll. Much Love! ~Rach


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