We Shut That Fort Down


Where do I even begin? This weekend was one of the funnest trips I’ve been on in my life. Who knew that a road trip starting at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday would be just what I needed to break up the monotony?!?! Let’s face it, who gets to start out their day seeing a camel that won Best Hump Award? Not many people. But I sure did. And that, my friends, is how our little weekend adventure began. And let me tell you something, it only got better from there. I have not laughed so hard in my life. My obliques are hard as rocks from laughing myself in to one of the greatest ab work outs of my life.  I’m a lucky, lucky girl. Fort Worth will never be the same cause we shut that fort down.

This morning, I got the rare privilege of sharing my devotion time with my best friend, Christin. Living an hour away from each other doesn’t allow us many opportunities to share our devotions in person. Although, if I haven’t heard from Christin by 9:00 on any given morning, it’s extremely rare. I love that about her. I love that she sends me encouraging verses or quotes and isn’t afraid to tell me what I need to hear. Anyway, our devotion time was incredible this morning. Our scripture came from Psalm 37:1-8. These verses talk about the security that is offered to those that trust in the Lord. I love God’s timing in everything. I needed to hear this today. It started out by saying that God DOES promise to give us the desires of our heart. But we have a responsibility when it comes to claiming those promises. First of all, if Christ doesn’t reign supreme in your life, if He’s not first and foremost, you can not claim those promises. Until He is the most valued thing in your life, those promises will lie dormant. Secondly, we have to commit our ways to the Lord. Sometimes we make plans or get ideas in our head of something we want or think we need. But if this doesn’t align with what GOD wants for our lives, we have to be willing to trust Him. When He doesn’t answer our prayer as we wished, it’s always, ALWAYS, for a reason. And this doesn’t mean you quit praying. You just continue to seek His will and trust that He knows. The devotion said that He is a merciful God, He’s generous. We can trust Him with our hopes and dreams. The things that I hold so dear to my heart, I can trust Him with those things. And another thing is being able to simply rest in Him. This is a really tough one for me. I love having a plan. I’m the kind of person that needs something to work towards. I need to see that there is an end in sight. But being able to just sit back, rest in Christ, allow Him to hold me and love me and give me what I need, that’s hard for me. I find myself bringing requests to the Lord and then expecting Him to answer them right away. But resting in the Lord means trusting Him to answer my prayers in His timing or transform my desires so they conform to HIS will. That is so hard for me to do. Lastly, it talked about waiting patiently on the Lord. It gave the example of how Jesus waited THREE DECADES before beginning his three year ministry. Jesus Himself set the example of waiting for perfect timing. The bottom line is that we have to be certain that the desires of our heart are aligned with Christ’s will and that we trust His timing. And most importantly, we have to surrender to His will, because it is then, and only then, that we experience God’s best for our life. We don’t have to settle. God is so good.

I loved every second of this weekend. I love the people I got to spend it with. I love the new friends I met!! And I love that even on crazy road trips with four of the goofiest people I know,  God still chooses to speak to me and to remind me with His still small voice that He’s in control. I don’t have a thing to worry about because He’s already written my story.

Goodnight, Ya’ll ~Rach


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  1. This post hurts. I am not myself lately. There is rebellion in my heart because I am not getting my way. I am not proud of it.
    Plus. I want to win a hump award. How do I arrange that?

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