I Am….


…a procrastinator that manages to keep my grades at 98% or above. I think this means I work best under pressure.
…..Mrs. Cantwell’s daughter. But I am also Ms. Cantwell.
……a really good “gate-girl.”
…..a lover of coffee and the life that it brings.
……an admirer of sunsets and the reminder of God’s beauty that they bring.
…..a dreamer of one day owning my own cattle and a ranch.
……the finder of Legos in the bottom of my coffee cup. This has recently happened to me at work. I think I know the four year old culprit.
…..a collector of coffee mugs.
…..an over thinker and under truster.
…..a wisher of many wells.
…..a lover. A peace maker. A friend.
….a daughter. A sister. An aunt.
….a turquoise loving lady.
….a sentimental, traditional, old soul.
…..always one joke away from cracking myself up.
….and a lover of this crazy thing called life.
I am.


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