Waiting in Bethlehem


Yesterday, my pastor talked about how God chose the tiny little shepherd village of Bethlehem for Jesus to be born in. Of all the places in the world, He chose Bethlehem. He could’ve picked a fancy palace or a royal kingdom. He could’ve hand selected one of those quaint little Bed and Breakfasts with maids who leave Andes mints on down feather pillows. But He didn’t. He chose a manger full of animals in Bethlehem for His indescribable gift to be born in. This made me start thinking. It’s the same for people. God wasn’t selective or picky when He sent His Son to live and die for us. He didn’t say, “Well Joyce Meyers is going to be a renowned author and speaker so I’ll send my Son to die for her. He will dwell in heart. But that Rachel Cantwell…..she’s outta luck. Matter of fact, she’ll spend her entire early twenties living in filthy sin so I’m not sending my Son for her.” Actually, I’m kinda choked up as I type this because what if God’s love was like that. What if it wasn’t unconditional? I realize that God sent His Son as gift of salvation and it’s up to us whether or not we choose it, but the fact that He sent His Son at all is a humbling thought. And the cool thing is this: He doesn’t love Joyce Meyers any more than He loves me because she’s written countless books and been all over the world spreading the love of God. No, we are both His children. He loves us the same. The Holy Spirit is my Guide. He intercedes on my behalf….yes, me! THE SINNER!! What a humbling thought!!

I’m still reading The Power of a Praying Wife and actually, I laugh every time I say that out loud because I’m far from being married. But it’s a great book and has a lot of applicable truths that I’m learning from and that are hopefully preparing me for that special someone. If you’ve spent more than five minutes with me, it should come as no surprise to you that I want to be a wife and a momma more than anything. It’s one of the greatest desires of my heart. But last night I was feeling sorry for myself, feeling a little bummed out, and I told my mom I was just gonna start praying that God would take those desires away from me. Basically I was being a brat because I want something and I want it now. Then I went to bed and started reading this book and God reminded me of the important lessons we can learn while in the waiting period. The author talked about even though it may take longer than we like, our prayers are always answered and if we allow it, God will give our hearts a peace during that waiting time. But that peace comes ONLY when we are quiet before Him. I’m not always good at being quiet. The author went on to talk about Queen Esther and how she prayed and fasted and sought GOD’S TIMING. So then I had this conversation with God in my head:

Me: Ooooh. Okay, God. I get it. But I HATE waiting.

God: I know you do. I made you, remember? I know exactly how you work.

Me: Then why are you making me wait? I hate waiting, remember?

God: I’m developing you. I’ve given you this time of singleness to draw strength from me. It’s a gift, actually, my sweet daughter. Spend time with me daily because when you do, you will become that much more radiant and attractive.

Me: Okay, God. Help me to remember that my soul must wait silently before you alone and that my expectations must come from You. (Psalm 62:5) Help me to remember that if I won’t grow weary while doing good, in due time, you will bring me those desires, but only if I don’t lose heart.

God: Don’t you worry, my precious daughter. I’ve got big plans for you.

My best friend, Heather, puts it like this: If I can trust God with my eternal salvation then I can trust Him to send the right man for me to spend my entire life with. It’s like I talked about at the beginning of this, God didn’t just randomly select people He was going to give His gift of salvation to. It’s for all of us. So, why shouldn’t I trust Him in this situation, too?

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9

Have a great week, you guys! ~Rach


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