That Was Close


You know, God has a funny way of working in our lives sometimes. Like when you think something is happening (or happened) for a reason and then you realize it was a complete different lesson than what you thought He was trying to teach you. That just happened to me. Like within the last 48 hours. And to be completely honest, it kinda hurt my pride a little because I thought I knew what was best in this particular situation. But clearly I didn’t. No worries though. Catastrophe averted. Only one or two small tears were shed. And like I said, that was probably due to my pride being a little hurt. And my heart took an itty bitty lashing, too, but nothing that Christin couldn’t talk me down from. She’s a good one. I’m lucky. And I’m happy that I’m at a point in my life where I really do trust God and His will and His timing. He’s good and His mercy lasts forever.
See Y’all On the Flippity Flop,


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