Heavy Heart


Death is no respecter of age. It’s no respecter of gender, of race, of time. Death is inevitable, it can not be avoided. There isn’t a single person on this earth that will escape death. But knowing this does not make death any easier to accept.

My class has been pretty fortunate in not having lost many friends. In 2008, we lost Tyler Casey in the May 8 Tornado. He died doing what he was passionate about. He was a firefighter and risked his life, ultimately losing it, to help others reach safety. I remember walking in to his funeral and seeing old classmates, boys that had turned in to men, crying and mourning the loss of a great friend. This weekend, we lost another great person. While I was never personally very close to J.D. Jones, I know that he was loved by every person that came in contact with him. Other than keeping up with his rodeoing and pictures on Facebook, I hadn’t talked to J.D. since school. Still, my heart is so heavy for those that held J.D. so close to their hearts and for his precious little boy that lost his daddy this weekend. I can’t imagine losing my brothers or having to explain to my nephew that daddy wasn’t coming home. I can’t imagine the pain that J.D.’s family is feeling this morning and the hurt that they will feel when there’s an empty seat at the dinner table for Thanksgiving Supper. This morning, I woke knowing that my brothers, my mom and dad, my grandmother, my nephew, my sisters-in-law,  and my closest friends are all alive and well. And I thought of how I so often take for granted the sound of their voice, the sound of my nephew’s laughter, the way it feels to be wrapped up in their hugs. Losing my aunt in April reminded me of how important it is to hold the ones I love close and to TELL them how much I love them.

This weekend, the world lost an incredible person, a great father, and a man that was an outstanding friend to so many people. My thoughts and prayers go out to every person that is hurting this morning over the loss of J.D. Jones. May the peace of God fill their hearts and their homes today and in the days to come.



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