Chasing Sunsets


Some days my desire to get out of Southwest Missouri is so strong, I could just tear a phone book in half. At times I feel so limited. Spending time on the East Coast or even in Northwest Arkansas reminds me of just how many opportunities really do exist, opposed to my one horse town where climbing the water tower or trips to the spook light mean a night out on the town. But you know, I do love my little town and the sense of community that it offers and more than likely, it’s where I’ll always be. Not that I’m opposed to moving, I just don’t know where I’d go.
There are so many things that could play a role in where I end up. I suppose the only thing keeping me grounded in southwest Missouri is my family. And I do love my family deeply. That being said, I’d move tomorrow if the right opportunity came along. As long as I could take my nephew with me. 🙂
I guess I should just be thankful that my life is a simple one and the biggest decisions I’m usually faced with are choosing to run or sleep longer in the morning or wether or not I’ll be dieting or giving in to the Taco Bell peer pressure. I suppose I have a few larger decisions to make such as do I want to teach Middle School or will I be intimidated by their height? Or do I want to stick with something I know I’m good at, like being a big goof ball in front of 1st or 2nd graders who think my jokes are funny? Do I even want to teach? Some days I just wish that when my alarm went off, instead of stumbling to the coffee pot and making a single cup of coffee, I’d be getting up to brew a pot for my husband and me. And then we’d have our devotions and sip our coffee, talk about our plans for the day and then I’d kiss him goodbye for work before waking our babies. But instead, I brew myself a single cup and continue my morning routine of the single life. I’m beyond ready for change. But I do realize and accept that change will come in its perfect timing. All I know is that I was born to be a wife and a Momma. Fo sho!
On a completely different note, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for three days and I’m ready to get started on making my gifts for everyone in my family. I can’t wait to get crafty!! Also, I feel my hibernating tendencies coming on very strongly lately so if at any point someone decides to file a missing persons report on me, check my bed first!! I’ve developed a love for my down feather blanket that I didn’t know could exist. I think I ate too much salad for lunch because it suddenly feels as though the button on my pants could pop off at any given moment. Watch your eyes, you guys!


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  1. Hey girl, wanted to say hi & to tell
    you have turned out to be a very
    good writer, but you were a good one
    in 2nd grade too. Don’t get discouraged
    on being single! The older you get wiser
    you become in making those choices!
    And when you are single you can do so
    many more things! Not that you can’t
    being married! But more freedom there!
    And teaching, since you like sharing
    Your jokes, stick with the 2nd grade kiddos!
    They are still young enough they respect
    their teacher (usually) & think she is special!
    What ever you do you will do excellence!
    You go girl, Gina Duke

  2. You don’t know where you would go? That hurts Rachel! And I HOPE my name is on your list of family. I am going shopping for family presents this week, in fact. I put your name at the top. Ok. That’s an exaggeration. But maybe I will send you a coffee mug that matches mine, so we can be twinnies. Oh wait. We ARE twins!!
    I have my eyes peeled and my prayers on. God’s timing revolves so heavily around our contentment. Oh and all that stuff he knows that we don’t. Maybe your man isn’t quite ready. God’s working though. In the most silent times is when God is doing the most, I am sure of it. Because my brown baby should be here anytime.

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