Cognitive Impairment


Delirium has set in. I don’t remember feeling this tired in my life. I’m probably exaggerating a little bit, but I’m so exhausted, I don’t know if I’m exaggerating or not. It would take too much brain power to make that kind of judgement. The past month has been non-stop for me. From getting sick on the East Coast, to my brother’s wedding, to studying and taking the Praxis, and then running a 15k yesterday, I feel like my body has began to shut down. And I’m at the stage of being tired that I can’t fall asleep, no matter how badly I want to take a nap. To say that I’m in a state of cognitive impairment is an understatement.

I ran my first 15k yesterday at the Tulsa Run with one of my best girl friends. Christin and I drove to Tulsa on Friday night and had a sleep over at her aunt Dana’s house then got up early Saturday morning to get ready for the race. I had a blast running with Christin but today I can’t move my hips, I have a pain behind both my knees, and I can’t put any pressure on my right foot. I may have to start looking into nursing homes. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 90 year old with broken hips could move faster than I’m moving right now.

As you all know, I love to watch bull riding. If I had to choose between bull riding and just about anything else, the choice is obvious. I’d pick bull riding. I met LJ Jenkins a couple weekends ago and I still haven’t washed the part of my arm that he touched. 45ed5v n m c s (Pardon the gibberish that was just typed. My dog wanted to say hi.) Anyway, back to bull riding. I’m really sad that Chris Shivers is retiring. He’s been riding for 20 years and the PBR is better off because he’s been a part of it. I just watched his last ride and he rode Smackdown, which is very fitting for Chris. It’s a sad, sad day for bull riding fans. I guess the silver lining in all of this is I can now devote all of my attention to LJ rather than having to divide it between him and Chris.

Speaking of running and bull riding, during my run yesterday, I had plenty of time to think. And this is what I thought: I want to marry a bull rider (or a man that enjoys the sport just as much as I do) and one who will run with me as well. And that about sums it up.

Have a great week, you guys!!



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