A List of Childrens Names


I’ve had a list of names that I love for my potential future children started since I was like 13. Of course the list has changed slightly as the years have come and gone, but for the most part, I’m pretty stuck in my ways when it comes to my list of names. For girls I like:
1. Olivia (Liv for short) Jane– this is after my my Mama, grandma, and cousin- Sandra Jane, Lillian Jane, and Tiffany Jane.
2. Elin (pronounced Ee-Lynn) Mary– this is after my aunt Roxanne Mary.
3. Allison Roxanne–obviously after my aunt Roxanne.
4. Caroline–I haven’t decided on a middle name. Suggestions?
5. Katherine (Kate for short)–after my cousin Katie.
6. Gwen–just because I love this name.
7. And the name my dad would absolutely pay money for me to use: Morgan Rae–after my grandpa, Ray Morgan.
For boys I like:
1. Colton Ray-after my grandpa, my dad, my brother, and my nephew. All have the middle name Ray.
2. Bain–this has such a rustic, western, feel to it. I can see having a son who rides bareback broncs named Bain.
3. Steele–same as above. I think it’s such a manly name. Can’t you just see him herding cattle on horseback with that name?
4. Benjamin Ray–after both my grandpas and dad, brother, and nephew. Benjamin is on my mom’s side, Ray is my dad’s side.

Anyway, I’m obviously not planning on having 11 children, two at the MOST, but these are my options for names. So maybe here in like 7-10 years you’ll see me with a baby named Liv on my hip. Or maybe you’ll find me barefoot in the kitchen, about to calve out a little rugrat named Steele. Until then, I’m gonna enjoy my nights of uninterrupted sleep and the occasional glass of wine.

The Unexpecting (I know that’s not a word) Rach


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  1. Rachel, I had the same name picked out for many years and did end up using it for my daughter. To this day, it is my all-time favorite name of all names. “Brekken Elizabeth” — It’s perfect. Can’t wait to see what Little Livie looks like:)!

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