A List…Because Lists Make Life Better


I hate the feeling of coming home from vacation and being busier than when I left. Although I was in need of a mini-vaca, I will admit that had I known when I booked the flight just how busy I would be at the actual time of departure, I most certainly would not have gone. It was hard to let my mind rest while I was there because I kept thinking about how many things that needed done and the gigantic list that awaited me at home. Then I got sick…so the list that was waiting for me….is still waiting for me. So I’m going to write just one more list because lists…..well, to me, lists make my life complete.

1. I just drank the biggest glass of chocolate milk and ate a spoon full of peanut butter.

2. Will someone wire my jaw shut? Thank you.

3. I met with my design team tonight to brainstorm about our solar house project. So if anyone wants me to design a house for them, just let me know.

4. I just ate another spoon full of peanut butter and I want some candy corn. I feel jiggly.

5. Love makes you do stupid things. Not that I would know. Okay, maybe just a little.

6. I don’t have one single blank spot in my day planner for about the next three weeks. I think I’ll write a list about that next. Wait…

7. I love my dog. He loves me. All is well in our world.

8. My dad is building the altar for Communion for my brother’s wedding. It’s gorgeous. My dad is so talented.

9. I take my PRAXIS test on October 25. I probably won’t sleep a wink until it’s over. EEEEEEK.

10. I’m sitting here listening to my mom and dad talk about (and I quote) a lady bug that crawled in to the headphone jack of my dad’s phone and how it must have been in there for a really long time because when he shook the bug out and it hit the table, his legs fell off and the rest of his body turned to powder. I love the conversations that take place in my home.

11. I love looking at the history on my phone after my nephew has been playing with it. Today he deleted several apps and took a lot of self portraits. Those are my favorite.

Over and out,



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