My Plans vs. His Plans


I could seriously move to Maryland tomorrow and never even think twice about leaving Missouri. The scenery is gorgeous. And it’s so rich with history. We went to Gettysburg tonight and standing there at the battlefield absolutely took my breath away. I stood at the top of the Gettysburg Memorial and imagined all the men that fought and lost their lives during the Civil War. Gives me chills as I type this and it also made me realize I wish I was a history teacher instead of having an emphasis on science.
Anyway, I love it here on the east coast. I wish I never had to leave. My devotion this morning was one of those eye opening experiences that make you really reevaluate life. It was about Jonah (I’ve been hearing about him a lot lately) and how when he ran from God’s plan for his life, he probably felt like he’d escaped an undesirable assignment from the Lord. Rebellion never makes life easier, though. In fact, it creates an unpleasant situation. It’s easy being a Christian when you think things are going your way, YOUR plans are being lived out, but when God asks you to do something differently than what YOU had planned, thats when your faith and devotion to Him is really tested. When we resist what God is asking us to do, we allow a storm to rage within our soul until we finally submit to HIS will. I often times find myself being upset or sad about MY plans not working out and I question if I made the wrong decisions in my past and if so, is that why things ended up the way they did. BUT I’ve been realizing that when I’m upset about the way things turned out, I’m saying that I’m upset with God’s plan because He has orchestrated every step of my life. It’s not like He’s surprised with where I’m at. He put me right where I’m at. When we resist God’s will, He tends to put pressure on us until we return to His plan. He put pressure on Jonah by allowing him to be thrown to sea and swallowed by a big fish. It might sound crazy, but that big fish, the pressure that God put on him, was his saving grace. That’s how important we are to God.
I love that even in our rebellion or lack of faith, God is still faithful to us. Even when we doubt our own ability to live out His plan for our life, He continues to love us and He never gives up on those plans. I’m still trying to figure out just what it is He has planned for my life but I have no doubt that whatever it is, it’s something great. He wouldn’t have saved me from my past if He didn’t have a plan that was beyond my wildest dreams. The pressure that I felt, the things I went through in order to return to my First Love, those were all placed strategically throughout my life so that His will could be lived out through me. He’s a gracious God. I’m glad I know Him.


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