Baltimore or Bust: Part II


It’s Thursday, September 27, 2012, and here I am again at Gate 82 in the Kansas City International Airport. My destination is the same as it was a little over a month ago and I’m just as excited this time as I was before. Maybe a little bit more, if the truth be told. I, of course, arrived at the airport two hours early, much like my previous flight, but this time found the $6 parking opposed to the $25. That makes my heart happy.

I wish I could adequately put in to words how excited I am to eat fresh sea food while in in Maryland. I’ve tried forming a sentence but no words come close to expressing the happiness that I feel. On a slightly more serious note, I’m also ecstatic for the Honey Boo Boo marathon my cousins and I have planned. Yes, one whole evening devoted to nothing but those crazies from the south. I. Can. Not. Wait.
We are planning on going to Oktoberfest this weekend and I’m really excited to try German beer. But I’m mostly excited about the food. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? Food+Rachel=tru luv 4eva.

I listened to a lot of Blake Shelton on my drive to the airport. He’s so dreamy. There’s just no way around it. Yum. See, there I go again, interjecting a food word. Yum? Really?

My mom is so special to me. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, even if it’s just a short trip or one like this one to Baltimore, she always prays for me before I leave. This morning as I was curling my hair, she came in to the bathroom and put her arms around me and prayed for safe travels. I’m so lucky to have a prayin’ Mama.

I wish you guys could see inside my carry on. I’m the worst packer on planet Earth. I didn’t want to check a bag, so I literally crammed 5-6 days worth of clothes AND SHOES in to a small carry on. I had to sit on it for it to close. If I’m ever required to open it for a security check while I’m in the airport, these people better back on up unless they wanna lose an eye or other vital parts of their body. The second this thing is opened, objects are gonna fly like a Jack-in-the-box doll popping out after its been wound up tight. I’m gonna have to call in Special-Ops just to open it for me once I get to Maryland.

So anyway, I run my 15k with Christin and Kyle in exactly one month. I’m ready for it. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m scared. I want my mommy. Notice how I so quickly went from confident to freaking out? Yeah, that’s how race day is gonna go. I’ve signed up for a race every weekend except for one until race day so hopefully I’m prepared. Tomorrow I’ll do my long run in Baltimore and hope that I don’t get lost.

Well friends and family, it’s about that time. I’ll be boarding my flight momentarily. Pray my bag doesn’t explode midair.
Mom, Dad, Jeffery, Rachel, Isaac, Nathan, Ashleyanne, Gramma: I love you deeply and if my plane goes down, my clothes and shoes can be divided among the girls. Sorry I left them scattered all over my bed. For real though, I love all of you!

See ya on the flip side! ~Rach


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