Cowboys. Enough Said.


Cowboys truly are a gift from God. There’s just something about a man that’s horseback, or even on the back of a bull, that makes my heart go pitter pat. Matter of fact, I’m in mild cardiac arrest as I type this just thinking about it. What is it about a man that’s in boots, jeans, and a hat (and chaps if I’m lucky), that makes me stop dead in my tracks and start to stutter when I open my mouth??? There’s something about their smile, too. You know the one…that half smile….ya’ll know the one I’m talking about!! Can we pause for a moment of silence, just to take in all the greatness of cowboys? Thank you, Lord.


I went to the PBR tonight, which for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, just rest assured: it’s the next best thing to Heaven. First of all, bull riding is my favorite event to watch (second would be team roping or steer wrestling), so having the opportunity to watch nothing but bulls is basically better than Christmas and my birthday combined. And you could probably throw in my wedding day or the moment my first born child enters this world, and it still wouldn’t compare. Of course I’m kidding. Maybe. Anyway. Tonight was a blast. Julie and I met Christin at the John Q. Hammons arena at Missouri State (shout out!) and for two and half hours, we watched (through our fingers at times) as one cowboy after another climbed on the back of a bull and tried to hang on for those long eight seconds. I looked at Julie after one cowboy got caugt up in the rope and was drug around the arena for longer than his ride and I said to her, “Can you imagine being that guy’s wife and how scared you would feel?” And then I realized how dumb that question was because Julie was “that guy’s wife” for ten years. She was married to a PRCA cowboy who rode broncs so she knows all too well the fear that runs through every inch of your body every time they enter the arena.


Cowboys. Thank you, Lord, for that gift. Especially LJ Jenkins, our very own home grown cowboy (above)! Granted, I don’t know if I could marry a rodeo cowboy. They’re fun to look at and I do enjoy the view, but most of them never learned the definition of loyalty, therefore, most of them like to have their cake and…..well you know. That’s not to say they’re ALL like that…. But give me a ranch cowboy and I’d be on that like white on rice….well you know what I mean. I’m gonna stop now. I’m glad we had this talk.

Goodnight, you guys! ~Rach


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