Why Ya Gotta Go And Do That For?



One of my favorite spots to be is my parents’ porch. I love to sit and watch the sun set through the trees and, even though their house is barely outside city limits, the trees give it such a country feel. And as you know, I love the country. The last four or so years, I lived in the middle of nowhere, had to drive a quarter of a mile down my drive way just to get to the house. There were trees everywhere and when I looked out my kitchen window, all I saw was pasture full of horses on my left and pasture full of cows on my right. I loved that view. I loved sitting on the deck in the evening and listening to the sounds of nature and I especially loved when we’d let the horses out in the yard and they’d join me up around the deck and nudge me with their nose until I scratched them right under the neck. Yes, I love the country. So needless to say, when I made the move back to Mom and Dad’s, I knew I was going to miss the country life but having all the trees and the serenity that they brought made it a tad bit easier. This was my view a few evenings ago as the sun was starting to set:


At the beginning of the summer, the city decided they were going to put in a water line in our neighborhood and three weeks ago, the process began. We chose to stick with our well water, but even so, the water line still had to go in. Which consequently meant that all the trees along the entry way had to be cut down. Can I just take a moment to cry?? This is now the awful view that I have from my parents’ porch:


My heart is broken. I’m in mourning. Can I protest before they cut anymore down? This is enough to ruffle my feathers. Please excuse me while I go stomp my feet and pout in front of the men chopping down my trees. I’ll be back momentarily.


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