Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. Hands down, it’s the best. Every Sunday, my mom makes a home cooked meal and my whole family comes over after church for lunch, and a lot of times, we have some stragglers, too. I love that about Mom and Dad’s house.

Sunday means it’s the beginning of a new week. To me, it’s like life is handing you a blank canvas and giving you the opportunity to make the most of the next seven days ahead of you. Then it starts all over on the next Sunday. I am blessed to be part of a church that helps in that rejuvination as well! My pastor always brings a message that is relevant and right on point for my life. Today he asked the question, “What does God do when we take His BIG plans for our life and make them SMALL things?” He read scripture from Haggai 1. God had asked his people to rebuild His temple. Instead they became focused on their own homes while his Temple layed in ruins. His BIG plan had become unimportant to them. In verses six and seven it says that they had planted much but harvested little. They ate, but never had enough. They clothed themselves but were never warm and the money they earned was “put into a bag with holes.” When we don’t place Christ as the center of our lives, everything else is in vain. God, and His plan for our life, have to be first and then all the little things begin to fall into place. God’s promises are many. I think a lot of times we lose sight of the promises that He speaks over our life because they don’t happen immediately. My pastor talked about Abraham this morning. God promised him that he would have so many decendents that they would outnumber the sand on the shores. Abraham was over a hundred years old and it took 25 years for his son, Isaac, to be born. But was God’s promise fulfillfed? Yes, it was. It took a while, but it happened. In the book of Ezra, God promised to return his people to Jerusalem and take them out of captivity. Even though they knew God had promised them this, a lot of them stayed behind because they were comfortable in the slavery. They knew the journey would be long and not easy and in their complacency, chose to stay behind. They chose to stay in their bondage. They lost sight of the BIG plan that God had for them. His big plans for their life became small in their eyes. I know that in my own life, at times I’ve been comfortable and settled for less than the promises that God had for my life. It’s easy to do. It’s easy to get distracted by things and by people in our life. But it’s never too late to return to our First Love. And you know what is so incredible about God’s love for us? In Matthew 6:25-34 it talks about how much our Heavenly Father cares for us. It says “Look at the birds. They don’t have to plant or harvest but they’re fed by our Heavenly Father. How much more does God love us and care for us?” It goes on to say that when we begin to seek the Kingdom of God first, when it’s His will that we are striving to live, then all the things we need will be given to us. It’s that easy. He’s writing our story. Matter of fact, He wrote it long ago. My pastor said today, “Not only does God KNOW tomorrow, He HOLDS tomorrow.” It’s up to us, though, to make Him the center of our life and then watch as His plans begin to unfold.

And with that, I’m headed to my comfy, down-feather bed to enjoy a relaxing Sunday nap. Just another reason to love Sundays.

Much Love, Friends……~Rach


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