The Farm


My mom and I took my nephew to the farm today.


We had to stop at the little store in Longview because that’s just a tradition in our family. My mom has been going there since she was just a little girl. 


Isaac picked a root beer, coke, and an orange bug juice but we finally settled on just the bug juice. We can’t have his mother getting too upset!!


My mom was raised on this same farm and I have plenty of memories of playing in the barn with my brothers and cousins there. I think it’s really special that all these years later, I’m still able to take my nephew and let him run around in the same yard that we all did. There’s nothing quite like the rolling hills and the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by nature. 



Isaac loves my gramma. I’ve called her Graham Cracker since I was a little girl and I’m trying to teach him to call her that, too. 



This picture cracks me up. Isaac was teaching my grandpa how to use an iPad. Seriously? So we had to get outside and see the horse!



Isaac has two obsessions: horses and tractors. All his little dreams came true today while he was at the farm cause Grandpa has both!!



There’s plenty of room for this little guy to run out here!! And running he did!! He wore his aunt Rah Rah plum out!!



Mom insisted we stop on the one way bridge where she and her sisters used to swim when they were kids. Isaac loved throwing rocks in the water and scared me half to death when he tried to wiggle out of my arms to jump in. I swear, that kid has no fear!! 

My gramma has had a wooden plaque hanging in her kitchen since I was a little girl that says, “Jesus said it. I believe it. That settles it.” I’ve told her for years that of all the things she owns, that’s the one thing I want. Today I asked her if she was going to give it to me one of these days and she walked over, took it off the wall, and handed it to me. I had to choke back tears. That sign is so special to me. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter when I was probably four or five, helping her make biscuits for breakfast and seeing that sign. Now it can hang in my kitchen. It means so much to me. She still has two little coffee mugs sitting in her windowsill, one that says Ben and one that says Jane, for my grandpa and for her. Being there today made me feel so close to my aunt Roxanne, too. I miss her everyday and being in the home that she spent a lot of her childhood in reminded me that she is always with me, in my heart. I love her. I love that I can make these memories with my nephew and I can walk through the same pastures that MY aunt walked through, the same pasture my mom used to squish cow patties between her toes in. Sorry, Mom. I didn’t think you’d mind me sharing that bit of information about you. 

There’s nothing like The Farm. 



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