A man reaps what he sows. If he sows to please his flesh, from the flesh he will reap destruction; if he sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit he will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8

In my lifetime, I have never heard of anyone who planted an apple seed and from that, a banana tree grew. I’ve never heard of anyone who planted sunflower seeds and produced roses. It is not physically possible for this to happen. If you plant an apple seed, you’re going to get an apple tree…every single time. You reap what you sow. My pastor talked about these verses at church today and they really struck a chord with me.

I think I’m like most of the American female species when I say that we start planning our “dream wedding” from the time we are little girls. From the colors, to the flowers, to the location, to the bridal party and style of dress, we plan every thing down to the smallest detail. It’s like our own little fairy tail. And to add to this fairy tail, we create in our mind the perfect man. For me, I’ve always wanted a man no less than six foot tall, dark hair, hard working hands, and I would not complain if he had big, muscly arms to wrap me up in. Above all those characteristics, though, I want a man that will be the spiritual leader of our home and one that will love Christ and be an example to our children of what it means to truly make Christ the center of our home. I want a man that is not afraid to pray with me and our children. When my pastor was talking about how we reap what we sow, I immediately had this thought: Will the things that I’m sowing in my life right now reap the kind of husband and family that I so desire? How can I expect God to bless me with a man like I just described if I am not living up to those expectations myself? That isn’t even reasonable thinking. When you think about it, this applies to everything we do. If I want to continue losing weight and becoming healthier, I can’t stuff my face with chocolate pound cake and twinkies. I have to put healthy things into my body if I want to be healthy and see results. LeAnn Rimes sings a song that says, “If you want love, then give it. If you want to feel some forgiveness then you’ve got to let go and do some forgiving of your own. If you want a friend, be one. If you want kindness, show some. You’ll be surprised of how much finds its way back home. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you want it, give.”  We reap what we sow. We get what we give. What we put it in, we get out. When what we are sowing is simply to satisfy our flesh, we are robbing ourselves of the many blessings that God has for us. I want a man like the one I described a minute ago but if I’m chasing the wrong person and not allowing God to mold me and prepare me into the wife and mother that I need to be, I can’t be surprised if I end up with a man that doesn’t meet those qualifications.

You guys, I have so many flaws. I have so many imperfections and I make mistakes on a daily basis. The beauty in all of this, though, is that that’s not what Christ sees when he looks at me. He sees a beautiful woman with so much to offer. He sees a woman that will be the wife of an appreciative, caring, loving, and sacrificial husband and a mother to honoring, obedient children. He sees a woman that is worth more than what I can ever think. He sees a woman that is forgiven. He sees a woman that is worthy of love. He calls me by name and has set me apart. Knowing all these things is what keeps me from throwing in the towel when I’m reminded of my flaws and imperfections. I haven’t always “sown the greatest seeds” and there are times that I feel like things I’ve done or said or been will keep me from reaping the future that I desire in my heart. But I’m loved by Christ who shows patience and in that patience comes “permission,” so to speak, to be human and know that I am going to make mistakes. That’s a given. But when I screw up, when I sow seeds that probably aren’t going to produce the future that I want, and I ask for forgiveness and have a true repentant heart, I’m forgiven and allowed another chance. He is a God of second (and third and fourth and fifth…..) chances.

I love when God teaches me little lessons like this one. Of all the seven billion people in this world, He knows me, Rachel Brooke Cantwell, by name. And he loves me with an everlasting love, regardless of the many mistakes I’ve made and gives me a future and a hope and the chance to start fresh and sow seeds that will produce a future that I can’t even begin to imagine.

Happy Sunday, Ya’ll!!


We Reap What We Sow


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  1. Rachel,I follow your blog on a regular basis and so enjoy everything you write. What a gift you have! Love your perspective:)

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