The Hutterites


So far in Baltimore:
My flight was scheduled to land at 4:06 eastern time and, props to the pilot, it was exactly 4:06 when we landed. The entire flight was two hours and ten minutes but the drive from the airport in DC to my cousins’ house was even longer. I had to close my eyes and say a few Hail Mary’s on the way to the house, but alas, we finally arrived. My cousin, David, and I picked up some shock top on the way home and we we’re greeted with home made lasagna and a big sloppy kiss from the sweetest one year old that I know. David and Katie have a little guy with the biggest dimples and even though he’s my cousin’s kid, he still calls me aunt Rachel.
After dinner, I immediately changed into sweatpants and the four of us spread out amongst the two oversized couches and did none other than…..wait for it…..turned the TV on to THE OLYMPICS!!!!! Tomorrow we’re sleeping in, meaning we’ll be up by 7:00am. We’re going to a baseball game (Washington Nationals..?? I think??) and we had the option of either a 4:00pm or 7:00pm game, but we wanted to be home in time to watch The Hutterites on National Geographic so we went with the earlier game. And this, my friends, is why I chose to come to Baltimore to see my cousins…because they are basically identical to me in lifestyle. In bed by 8:30-9:00, hooked on crazy Nat Geo shows, and up by 7:00am. You’d think I was vacationing at a retirement home.
So far, I’m loving it here but not enough to deal with the traffic on a daily basis.
Goodnight from Baltimore!


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