It’s a Rah Rah!


My oldest younger brother and his wife went out of town for a few days to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, which by the way, does not seem possible. Those four years flew by. Guess we were having fun…… Anyway, they took my nephew to my sister-in-law’s parents while they were gone so I didn’t see him for about three days. Talk about being bored out of my mind. He’ll be two on September 3rd and sometimes my family will be sitting around listening to him trying to talk and running around like a crazy little toddler does and we’ll ask each other, “What did we do for entertainment before he was born? Did we just sit around and stare at each other?” There’s hardly a second that goes by that he’s not doing something that makes us laugh. For instance, a few days ago he was running all over the place and then suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, stared off in to the distance, grunted a little, and let out a man sized fart. Immediately after relieving himself, he put one finger up in the air like he was pointing to the sky, got a grin on his face and said, “Papa!” See what my dad is teaching him?!?! The kid is a mess. He and my dad spend a lot of time together. One of their favorite places to go is Wal-Mart. The first place they go when they get there is straight to the toys. Isaac loves playing with the balls and if none of the employees are around, he likes to ride the tricycles, too (if you’re a Wal-Mart employee, I’m just kidding about that last part). I keep telling my dad that it won’t be much longer until my nephew will realize that these toys can be purchased and brought home for him to play with there so he may want to nip these little Wal-Mart play dates in the bud while he’s still got a chance. When they’re done with the toys, they make a beeline for the bakery and they each get an apple fritter and then my sister-in-law wonders why my nephew is hyper and won’t eat supper. I told my dad his secret is safe with me so you guys better not tell. ;-)He loves Veggie Tales more than life itself. Matter of fact, his second birthday will be a Veggie Tales theme. He hasn’t quite gotten the word “veggies” down but, boy can he say “tales” and does he ever say it, too! Tales, tales, tales, tales, tales. That’s all we ever hear. Every person in my family has the Veggie Tales app downloaded on our phone so that when he starts in with his “tales”, one of us just hands him our phone.

It’s weird how you can love a little human being so much. My brother and his wife told us on Christmas Eve of 2009 that they were going to have a baby and I don’t know how to explain it, but I knew right then that I loved the little person growing inside my sister-in-law’s belly. We had no idea if it’d be a boy or a girl, but I knew I loved them. Then when we found out it was a boy, the love grew even deeper. And the love that I felt for him the day he was born, September 3, 2010, was completely off the charts. You can’t put a price tag on something like that. I can’t imagine our lives without him in our family, even on days when he’s cranky because he’s teething or didn’t get his nap. Heck, I’m cranky when I don’t get a nap.

My family has a tradition of getting together once a week on Sunday for lunch. It’s one of my favorite times of the week because we can all be together and laugh and just relax. I hadn’t seen my nephew since Wednesday and today when my brother and sister-in-law walked in with my nephew, he of course went straight to his papa. I was sitting at the table and after about three or four minutes of being in my dad’s arms, my nephew noticed I was in the room and he got a huge smile on his face and said my favorite line, “It’s a Rah Rah!!” Then he wiggled out of my dad’s arms and came running to me, crawled up in my lap and asked for Tales. I didn’t care that he was using me for Veggie Tales. The fact was, he left MY DAD to come to his aunt Rah Rah. Being an aunt is the best feeling on Earth. No one had to teach me how to love that little guy. It just happened. I’ll never forget where I was the day my dad called me and said, “Rachel!! Isaac just said your name! He said Rah Rah!!” And then he put him on speaker phone and I could hear him saying, “Rah Rah. Rah Rah. Rah Rah.” It brings tears to my eyes as I type. Isn’t that silly? But it’s true. He’s my pride and joy. I love that kid to the moon and back a million times infinity. And sometimes I wonder what it will be like when I have my own child. How much greater (or different) will my love be for someone that my husband and I created together? Gosh, I hope that I experience the joys of motherhood. But until then, I will absolutely settle for being an aunt and I pray to God that I never fail my nephew (and future nephews and nieces) as an aunt. I hope they always know I’m available. If you’re not an aunt or an uncle, you’re missing out!!

Goodnight Friends,

Aunt Rah Rah


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