I Don’t Want to Eat the Dang Peas.


Raise your hand if you like buffets!! Ya’ll, I can’t lie. We have this Chinese place in town that makes you wanna slap yo mama, it is so good. Pause. Why do people say that? Wouldn’t that be a bad thing if you slapped your mama? I know it wouldn’t go over well in my house hold. Anyway, back to the issue at hand. Yeah, I love this buffet. Every single time I go, I head to the steamed rice and general chicken. Hold on. I’ve got to get a napkin. I’m drooling just thinking about it……….Okay, I’m back. So, last night, I was talking to my uncle Roger about different things I’m walking through in my life right now. Some are easy. Some are like seriously the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. Some are things that I really don’t want to do. I want to skip them and then wake up with the fruits of my non-labor handed to me on a silver platter. But all are things necessary in reaching my potential. I’m sure you’re wondering how all this ties in to being a glutton at the buffet. Let me tell ya. Sometimes in life, we are led to a “buffet.” You look around. You see all the wonderful things this buffet has to offer. There are so many things you don’t even know where to begin filling your plate. But here’s the catch. You HAVE to start with the peas. You can’t have anything else until you’ve eaten the peas. And you’re all like, “I don’t like peas. I want that steak and pork and ribs down there.” But you can’t have that until the peas are gone. So you throw your hands up in the air and say, “Fine. I won’t have anything at all then,” and you walk away empty handed. Then some time passes and you’re faced with the same situation. You’re hungry. So you belly up to the buffet and head straight to the good stuff and someone taps you on the shoulder and says, “Excuse me ma’am/sir…you have to start with the peas.” Here we go again. I don’t want the frickin’ peas. I want that cheesecake on the next row over. Just let me have that cheesecake and no one gets hurt. This cycle continues for some time until you realize that if you will just eat the dang peas you can get to the good stuff. It’s all yours to have but you have to do things in the right order. And the longer you avoid the inevitable, you are prolonging the wonderful things that await you.

My uncle and I talked about this a lot last night. We talked about taking our hands off the situation and just trusting. That’s a hard one, ya’ll. I live by my calendar. Give me a deadline and I’ll meet it. Give me a time, and I’m there ten minutes early. I’m a planner. But I’m having to learn that this part of my life is out of my control. There’s no time frame. I can’t set an alarm on my phone to notify me that, “Congrats! You’ve passed level one. You may now advance.” All I can do is trust. I’ve got to trust that if I really will just eat those dang peas, I can and will get to the good stuff. Life has so much to offer. I just entered in to my senior year of the teaching program, people. Do you even know how big this is? Granted, it’s taken me almost nine years to get a four year degree, but I didn’t want to eat my peas, ya’ll.  🙂  I’m realizing that this analogy is being applied to all areas of my life. If I’ll start with the peas in all areas of my life, I’ll get to the good stuff in every department-school, jobs, family, friends, relationships, health-everything. I know the pay off will be a rewarding one. It has to be.

I remember when I was five or six and my youngest brother was just starting to eat solid foods. My mom wouldn’t let me leave the table until I ate my peas. So when she left the dining room, I scooped them on to my baby brother’s plate and announced, “Mom, I’m outta here. I ate my peas.” (I’d like to make a public apology to you, Nathan. Sorry you had to eat my peas, too. Thanks for taking one for the team.)  There have been moments during the last few weeks that I wish I could just scoop all these things I’m dealing with on to the plate of someone else and move on. But that’s not how it works. Not if I really want to see a difference. So, here we go.

Rachel+Peas=not friends for life.



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  1. A friend of mine just made a great point: “The peas aren’t that bad. You just have to season them correctly. Sometimes the peas are the most memorable and (ful)filling part of the whole meal.” Thanks, Joe!!

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