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I’ve always wondered about people who blog. I’ve wondered what it was that made them think that the rest of the world, or the people in their world, wanted to read what they had to say. What made them think their thoughts were that important?? Then I started keeping a journal in the last couple weeks and discovered that when you actually can transfer your thoughts to paper, you’re letting go, in a sense, to a lot of things you have been holding on to. I’m a big fan of writing things out anyway, so why not my thoughts, right? I keep a daily/weekly planner and I make lists before I go grocery shopping and when I’m faced with a situation, writing things down is my way of assuring myself that everything will work out. Before I clean, I make a list of every room and what exactly needs to be done in each room before I start.  I love lists!!!! But writing down my feelings, the things that are bothering me, or even the things that make me happy, is a whole new ball game. It’s like when you write them down, they are real. You can’t play the “out of sight, out of mind” game when the words are staring you in the face.  So, that is why I started this blog. I asked one of my best friends to help me come up with a name and she said, “Why not Rachel Brooke’s Nook?” I have to be honest. I googled the definition of a nook. What an odd word. Anyway, according to Webster, it just means “a corner, a place offering security.” I like that. Rachel Brooke’s Nook. A place that offers security. I hope that through this entire blog experience, that’s what I find, that’s what you find, that’s what we all find. Can I get an AMEN?!?! Did anyone else have a mother that would say, ” I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” when they were a kid? Or was that just my mom? Anyway.

Moving right along. I guess there’s no time like the present to start addressing issues so let me just lay one on ya real quick. I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching, if you will, in the last two weeks and can I just say that when you really start digging deep, you find a lot of things that make you want to just curl up in the fetal position, suck your thumb, and ask for your mom to make you chicken noodle soup. Well, that’s what I experienced anyway. When you really allow yourself to become transparent and you’re honest with yourself (because let’s face it–it’s easiest to lie to ourselves!!), you have to really become okay with the fact that you might just have some issues that need dealt with. No more slapping a bandaid on that gaping wound. It’s time to really address the issue and then take it a step further….REALLY start letting the healing process begin. Take it from an expert bandaid-slapper-onner: the longer you ignore the hurt, the worse it feels when you finally decide to let the process begin. And you know what else? Stop making excuses. Okay, so you tried and failed. Guess what? You woke up this morning, right? Then try again. Oh, you were in a relationship that drained the life out of you and left you broken and empty. You made it out alive, right? Then dust yourself off thank God that you DID make it out alive cause a lot of people don’t. Trust me, I’m preaching to the choir. These are all things that I’ve had to remind myself of  lately. And as in control of the situation I may sound at the moment, I’m not. I don’t have a complete understanding and grasp on how important these things really are. It’s a daily effort; something that has to become a lifestyle. Experts say that it takes 31 days to change a habit. So be brave. Be stubborn.  For 31 days  work hard on making this change. Face it head on. Accept any pain and discomfort, it’s only temporary. After 31 days one of two things can happen. You will either revert back to your former habits, or you will keep this change. If you do revert back to this old habit then you have lost nothing. In fact you are likely to have gained quite a lot. For example if you gave up smoking for 31 days, then you will have saved money and given your health a welcome boost. You are also likely to have learned a lot about yourself in the process, which you can use to change other habits in the future. If you make the change permanent, then even better. You have successfully invested 4 weeks of your time, which would have passed anyway, for something you can now benefit from every day for the rest of your life. That’s a pretty good deal.* It’s all about your mindset, people. I’ve made a deal with myself: any time I have a negative thought that enters my mind, I have to stop what I’m doing and think of one thing to override that negative thought. I have to love myself before anyone else can love me. I have to take my hands off of the situation and have a peace that passes all understanding, trusting that in the end, what’s meant to be always, ALWAYS, finds its way. I don’t have to know what the future holds. My lists aren’t going to work in this situation. I have to trust. I have to trust myself, the people in my life, and most importantly that the Big Man upstairs has it all under control. It ain’t my job to worry so I’m not gonna.

Until Next Time, Over and Out!



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