A Vow to be Happy


Being happy is a choice. Now, granted, there are those select few that are just naturally happy people. Take my nephew for example. The kid never stops laughing or smiling or clowning around. He’s a naturally happy kid. His name means laughter, so it is pretty fitting. But for most of us, being happy is a choice. It’s really easy to get caught up in the stress of our jobs, our family, our bills, our future, etc. And a lot of times, we get caught up in what has happened to us, what happened in our past. I’m guilty as charged when it comes to that one. I don’t need anyone to tell me that for the past several months I’ve been pulling the victim card out and using that as an excuse for really just about everything. Crap, my hair sucks today. If “so-and-so” hadn’t convinced me to get bangs, I wouldn’t be having this problem. Ah dang, I’m in a bad mood. If “what’s his face” hadn’t been rude to me 9 months ago, I wouldn’t be feeling this way. Trust me, it sounds just as ridiculous to me as I type this as it does to you while you’re reading it, I’m sure. I mean, seriously? I need to pull up my big girl panties and stop throwing a fit. All of that in mind, a lifestyle change is easier said than done. This is only like a week in to my decision to get over it. And that’s just it. It’s a decision. A choice. A conscious effort to be a different better person than I was yesterday. I want to be a happy person. And since we established yesterday that lists make me happy, I’m going to leave you with, well, a list of things that make me happy.

1. Getting my eyebrows waxed. I love the way it feels and I love the way they are shaped around my eyes. It makes my eyes look pretty.

2. Dogs. I love dogs. I love puppy breath. I love big dogs. I love all dogs.

3. Holding hands. There is nothing quite like it. Wether I’m holding hands with someone I love or one of my preschoolers slips their hand in mine on the playground, I love holding hands. It’s like a sneak peak in to their soul.

4. Sunrise/Sunset. If you looked in the photo album on my phone, you’d find 500 pictures of my nephew and just as many pictures of the sunrise and sunset. My oldest younger brother is always making fun of me cause I’ll pull over on the side of the road just to snap a picture of the sky. He says I overdo it. So, I text them all to him cause that’s part of being an older sister. You’re supposed to annoy your younger brothers, right? It was in my Big Sister Manual, anyway.

5. I love when my preschoolers say my name. Miss Waaaaaaachel. Does it get any cuter? I think not.

6. Cooking/Baking. Don’t believe me? Look at my waistline. No, wait, don’t do that. Just trust me on this one. Baking really is one of my favorite things to do and especially for other people. When someone likes my cooking or baking, it’s the greatest compliment I could receive.


7. The smell of coffee. Divine. Who am I kidding, the taste of coffee is even better. For my fellow coffee lovers: have ya’ll tried the cinnamon vanilla creamer from Wallie World? Please do. It will change your outlook on life.

8. Brown eyes. Big brown eyes. Yes, I am biased on this one because I have big, brown eyes. But even if I didn’t, I’d still love brown eyes, especially on a man. Yes, please.

9. Early summer mornings. I love the smells (my allergies do not agree-it’s a love/hate relationship), the sounds, the sites. I’d like to bottle that up and get it in a Glade Plug-In.

10. Love in all forms. Being loved and loving in return. Discovering the importance of loving who I am. The love in my nephew’s voice when his face lights up when he sees me and says, “It’s a Rah Rah!” Love is a beautiful thing.

And with that, I vow to make a daily decision to be a happy person. And not the situational happy person, either. Being happy isn’t conditional. Think about it.

See Ya On The Flip Side,



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